TIDXLS in the Media!

It's been over three months since Leo released TIDXLS, and on behalf of Leo and the entire team at Four Destinations Records, we wanted to take a minute to thank the various media outlets that have featured the album.

In no particular order, thank you very much to...


1. The North Shore News

The North Shore News has always been kind to Alex and I - back in 2011, they gave SentinelStage the front page to help promote that year's show You Can't Take It With You, and when we told them we had opened a studio, they told us to come back when we felt we had a cool release. Lo and behold, TIDXLS was exactly what they were looking for. Jeremy Sheperd was very kind during the interview and really took the time to do justice to the process of developing the album.

Read the article here!

"Leo (also known as Carson Graham student Amy Williams) makes music that has the listener searching for a teenager’s psyche through the black, wavery sheen of an ocean at night." - Jeremy Sheperd (June 10th, 2016), the North Shore News, page A22


2. The Permanent Rain Press

We heard about the PRP through promotions for Allow to Remain, the debut album from our friends Emma Daly and David Cowling of "Leave". We quickly learned that these guys are all about discovering and spotlighting local musical talent, and they did us a real solid by sharing the album on their front page when it came out. A big thanks to editor/founder Chloe Hoy for the kind words!

See the feature here!

"Williams’ gentle voice shows vulnerability, displaying an unfaltering fragility as she navigates through the melancholic but hopeful lyricism and dreamy pop melodies." - Chloe Hoy (June 2nd, 2016), the Permanent Rain Press


3. CFRC Radio 101.9FM

Yes, this is the very first time a 4D Records-signed artist has appeared on radio! We were very excited when this Queens University-station reached out to Leo, and equally excited to hear the co-anchor of the This Just In segment talk about the album and play "Sinking".

Listen to the episode here!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.39.09 PM.png

4. The Georgia Straight

Though we did accidentally unfollow them on Twitter just after they featured TIDXLS, Mike Usinger and the Georgia Straight really pulled through for us and were cool, hilarious people the whole way through. As per Mr. Usinger's instructions, we bugged him through a very aggressive Twitter campaign that lead to some entertaining retweets, and eventually the album getting featured. A big hats off to Mike and the whole team.

See the feature here!

"TIDXLS is a mature-sounding effort from the singer-songwriter, all breathy vocals and down-tempo electronics." - The Georgia Straight, August 3rd 2016, "Fresh and Local"


5. Grayowl Point

Finally, we arrive at the most in-depth review TIDXLS has received to date - from the lovely Eleni Armenakis of Grayowl Point. We were floored by their kind words and the clear research that had been put into their review, highlighting all the points we agreed with and some we hadn't even thought of. It was a nice touch for them to pick their two favourite tracks, with "Blue" and "Drowners" being fun surprises.

Read the full review here!

"Trickling water opens Leo’s debut album, TIDXLS, an aural embodiment of 16-year old Amy Williams’ “go with the flow” upbringing, as well as the metaphor of evolution flowing through an album by a teen, directed at teens." - Eleni Armenakis, July 12th 2016, Grayowl Point

And there you have it! It's been a crazy few months since the release and without revealing too much, I can say that Leo is back in the studio working on something cool - late 2016 will be THE year for music. Didn't I say that about 2015 as well? And 2014... and 2013. Hmm... I need new words.

If you haven't bought your copy of TIDXLS yet, visit the 4D Store or our official Bandcamp page!

Liam Sturgess