"We the Kings" - An Interview with Liam Sturgess

This week, the team at 4D Records sat down with Chief Creative Director Liam Sturgess to get the lowdown on his upcoming June single, We the Kings, available on iTunes June 13th, 2015!

4D: Give us a brief overview of the song!

Liam: Well, I'm very excited to be able to be more actively sharing my music with the community I've began to foster since the release of my last album (The Book of Prime), and that's what this single is to me! I wrote the song during the production of the last album and my plan was to include it on TBOP, but I couldn't quite get it to sound the way I wanted to at that point so I would up scrapping it for the time being. However, I've done a lot of creative growing and improving since then and after tackling it again, I found I was able to bring a whole new perspective to the song, and I'm finally ready to share it in it's ultimate form!

4D: Exciting! What sort of creative differences did you apply to it after coming back to production?

Liam: A lot of it was just adding instrument parts and sounds that weren't there previously, but I did take out the whole drum line that I had originally put in in favour of a faster pace. What really completed the song productionwise was when I made it sound like a live R and B band was playing it, with live trumpets. I did something similar with my song Next Up and I've since found that I relate to that style to most, so I stuck with that!

4D: Let's talk content - what is the song actually about?

Liam: It's funny, a lot of people have been asking me if the title has anything to do with the YouTube band also called "We the Kings"... The truth is, I hadn't even heard of them until it was brought up! The song is a bit of a play on words that I won't go too much into detail on, but the theme of royalty is important, and it definitely does reference a very specific person. I wouldn't say it's a love song but it's certainly a song about romance and about a relationship; sort of the idea of us being able to take on our own little world (of which we are the kings) together.

4D: What does this song represent in the context of your upcoming work? You have an album in the works, correct?

Liam: I always have an album in the works! *laughs* Yes, this song is meant to represent what people can expect quality-wise from me in the future, sort of resetting the bar. As of now, the plan is for this to be considered the first single from that album, which won't be out for awhile yet, but of course plans change all the time! So in the end, my goal is simply to entertain everyone who's interested in listening and to try to kick off the summer on a high note.

4D: Awesome! Any final words on the song?

Liam: YES! You should listen to it! Also, we're doing a launch show at the Capilano Grind with Amy Williams and Emma Daly's band "Leave", so you should come out for them and have a blast. Much more cool stuff to come!

Liam Sturgess is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter based out of West Vancouver, BC, who creates original music in the alternative folk-pop genre. We the Kings will be live on iTunes on Saturday, June 13th, launching officially at the Capilano Grind! Tickets for the event are available now and at the door.

Preorder the song on iTunes or Bandcamp today!